Copies of Telegrams received by 94th Inf. Brigade from 31st Division, during Operations on July 1st.

Received 10.27 a.m.
G.B. 57.
56th Division from HEBUTERNE have gone right through, and are flanking ROSSIGNOL WOOD. 165th R.F.A. Bde. report that infantry has taken SERRE. At 9.45 a.m. our men were seen carrying what looked like machine guns in front of PENDANT COPSE also three or four hundred of our men advancing on the line PENDANT COPSE - SERRE.
(No action was taken.)

Received 10.40 a.m.
G.B. 58.
It appears that 12th York & Lanc. 11th East Lancs. and three Companies 13th York & Lanc. have gone forward and you have no news of them. GOC wishes you to use every endeavour to get touch with them as soon as possible, by means of runners if no other method available.

Received 10.50 a.m.
Another report just received that several of our men have been seen in SERRE.

Received 12.18 p.m.
G P 3.
Information from Corps points to the fact that we hold PENDANT COPSE & SERRE. Push what reinforcements you have in behind 94th Bde. and in conjunction with GOC 94th Bde confirm the success at SERRE.
(The Brigadier General informed Division that he did not wish to act on this, owing to lack of definite reports from our front.)

Received 1.14 p.m.
The 4th Division are going to commence bombing northwards along the 3 first line German trenches. Endeavour to join hands with them bombing southwards.
(Division were informed that this would be done as soon as we had the men available, but later in the afternoon the order was cancelled.)

Received 3.35 p.m.
Enemy are shelling point 10 about K 29 B 12.00* from which it would appear our men hold this point.
*German front line opposite MATTHEW COPSE.

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